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Hyatt Boston Harbor Wedding | Desjar Photography | Boston MA Wedding Photographer

I LOVE Boston and so do Becky and Jeff, so of course their location for their Wedding would be surrounded by the city’s skyline at The Boston Harbor Hyatt, right on the waterfront. Everything was so beautiful, the red florals just popped, the perfect contrast against Becky’s gorgeous ivory lace gown and her bridesmaids’ mediterranean blue dresses.  I have never seen anyone with more perfect, flawless skin as Becky, and those eyes, I can’t get over them!!

I first met Becky and Jeff one SUPER early morning which seems forever ago for their engagement sunrise session at Marshfield beach in MA. (You can view that post HERE!) We never did get to see the sunset because it was overcast, but I loved that we had a blast anyway, Jeff and Becky are such a fun, laid back, super sweet couple.  On their big day, I got to meet are their friends and family who also, are equally as fun! It was a night filled with dancing, good beer and food, corn hole, laughter, the city lights, and love.  Is there anything better?!

I hope you enjoy the photos! HyattBostonHarbor2HyattBostonHarbor-5

How cute is this sign?! AND, not to mention that the flowers are gorgeous!


Little red flower girl in a sea of blue! HyattBostonHarbor-20HyattBostonHarbor4HyattBostonHarbor-39

Obsessed with Becky’s engagement ringHyattBostonHarbor-33HyattBostonHarbor-34

I just loved this Starbucks cup just laying around admits all the hustle and bustle of the day getting ready!


Jewelry for all her bridesmaids

A pendant of Becky’s mother attached to her bouquet HyattBostonHarbor1HyattBostonHarbor-83HyattBostonHarbor-25

Love when couples use their engagement photos for their save the dates!


Becky’s skin was flawless! We were saying how she resembled a Geisha :) HyattBostonHarbor-53HyattBostonHarbor6HyattBostonHarbor8HyattBostonHarbor7HyattBostonHarbor-68HyattBostonHarbor-89HyattBostonHarbor-122HyattBostonHarbor-148HyattBostonHarbor-151HyattBostonHarbor-146HyattBostonHarbor-138HyattBostonHarbor5HyattBostonHarbor-144HyattBostonHarbor-105HyattBostonHarbor-106HyattBostonHarbor-158

I just LOVED this staircase!HyattBostonHarbor9HyattBostonHarbor10HyattBostonHarbor-228HyattBostonHarbor-229HyattBostonHarbor-287HyattBostonHarbor-299HyattBostonHarbor-238HyattBostonHarbor-243HyattBostonHarbor13

Those blue eyes!!HyattBostonHarbor-326HyattBostonHarbor-331HyattBostonHarbor-359HyattBostonHarbor-355HyattBostonHarbor12HyattBostonHarbor-350HyattBostonHarbor-353HyattBostonHarbor-346

Photos of their parents on their Wedding Day!HyattBostonHarbor-334HyattBostonHarbor-342HyattBostonHarbor11HyattBostonHarbor17HyattBostonHarbor18HyattBostonHarbor-394HyattBostonHarbor14HyattBostonHarbor16HyattBostonHarbor-368HyattBostonHarbor-568HyattBostonHarbor-486-EditHyattBostonHarbor-495
© Desjar Photography 2014| Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Richmond VA, Boston MA, and Destinations Worldwide

Ceremony Venue/Reception/Wedding Planner/Catering: Boston Harbor Hyatt
Bridal Dress: Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Groom & Groomsmen’s Suits: Men’s Warehouse
Hair & Makeup: TrendSettersHairSalon
DJ/Entertainment: Metro Mass Entertainment
Floralist: Poppy Floral
Cake: Konditor Meister
Invitations: WeddingPaperDivas
JP: Mike Backer

A Provincetown Inn MA Wedding | Donnie & Jamie | Desjar Photography

Donnie and I go WAY back! We met while serving at Carrabbas Italian Grill in Tyngsboro, MA in 2005ish?? (Gosh, has it been that long?!) I waitressed while in Photography School in Western MA and although we have all went our separate ways, we keep in touch every now and then and reminisce on old times.  I was ECSTATIC when I found out via FB he was engaged and I was so honored that he was thinking of me to photograph his big day.  I hadn’t met his fiancé Jamie yet, but one chat on the phone, I knew we were going to get along immediately! He got my stamp of approval, I couldn’t be happier for my friend Donnie, and couldn’t be more excited for their Wedding in P-Town at The Provincetown Inn!! Their Wedding true New England Style, complete with anchors, navy blue and lime green, stripes, and even LOBSTER!! Every detail was perfection, from their pressed Linen suits all the way to their engraved hearts on the inside of their diamond rings.

Of course with any Wedding Day, there are still stresses and this Day was no exception, nearly 20 minutes before reception time, it was still unknown whether the ceremony would be moved inside, since the rain would come and go.  Jamie and Donnie handled everything in stride, were so calm, and I hope I am not being biased when I say, it was one of the most stress free Weddings I have had!  The somewhat stormy clouds made for the perfect backdrop, a photographers dream right?! The rain held off, the sun even peaked through for a bit and the day was beautiful.  I can only hope I have done it justice with my images, I am so thankful to have been part of such an amazing love story!

Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn5Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn6ProvincetownInn8ProvincetownInn7Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn15Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn16Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA Wedding

Bestill my heart, a doggie at the Wedding!! I was beyond excited! Everyone, meet Tucker :)ProvincetownInn12Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn11

I love the Cape!! I highly recommend everyone visits!Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn2ProvincetownInn9ProvincetownInn3

I HAD to include this super cute photo bomb!

Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA Wedding

How amazing are these Fruit Sculptures?!


Everyone gets a Lobster!!

Such a great idea for Party Favors! Donnie and Jamie donated care packages to Troops serving overseas then all their guests received their own ‘relief’ kit!Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn4

The speeches were amazing!! ProvincetownInn14Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA Wedding

I am obsessed with this cake topper!
ProvincetownInn10Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn17Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingProvincetownInn18Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA Wedding

This one is one of my FAVORITE images!Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA Wedding

Of course I had to throw in one of the old Carrabba’s Crew! Jamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA WeddingJamie & Donnie Provincetown, MA Wedding
© Desjar Photography 2014| Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Richmond VA, Boston MA, and Destinations Worldwide

Ceremony Venue/Reception/Catering: Provincetown Inn
Linen Suits & Maid of Honor Dress: Nordstrom / Shirts: Ralph Lauren 
Floralist: Provincetown Florist
Wedding Planner & Coordinator:
Cake: Sarno’s Sweets
Invitations: Luster Designs 
Table Runners/Table # holders: Treborne Event Planning

The CLIC Conference Recap | Richmond VA Wedding Photographer

I had the privilege of attending the CLIC Conference last week in Alexandria, VA at the Anthenaeum and it was AMAZING! It was a two part event, the first day focusing on the business aspect of photography and the second day was the Styled Shoot.  We heard from 5 speakers, all leaders in the industry with valuable information to share, each showcasing their own strengths, which was great to hear since no one is perfect at EVERYTHING! I often struggle and am way too hard on myself trying to do it all; be great at the photography/artistic/technical side of it all, plus the business/marketing/financial/social media, etc. especially if it is just YOU! I’ll admit, I wish I could just take pictures and have someone else handle the business side and then there are Photographers out there that prefer the business side.  Whatever your case may be, I highly recommend attending conferences, networking meetings and styled shoots such as this one.

The Styled Shoot portion is always difficult for me just because I am a tad shy (until you get to know me of course) and don’t want to be in anyone’s way or intrude, I prefer to kind of be off to the side, doing my own thing and trying to challenge myself to try new angles, viewpoints, etc.  It’s crazy how we all are huddled around, snapping away like the paparazzi (check out the behind the scene shots at the end!) and yet all our photos look so different from one another, I love it! Here are my favorites from the day:

(A little side note, it was pouring the day of the shoot, like flood warnings going off every 15 minutes kinda pouring, most of the shoot was moved inside, then it seemed to stop and dry up 45 min after the shoot had started! Craziness!)

DSC_5310 athenaeumwedding4 DSC_5022 athenaeumwedding6 athenaeumwedding3 DSC_5231-Edit athenaeumwedding1 DSC_5115 DSC_5002 DSC_5264 DSC_5056 DSC_5027 athenaeumwedding5 athenaeumwedding2 athenaeumwedding9 DSC_5294-Edit DSC_5279 athenaeumwedding11 athenaeumwedding10 DSC_5095 DSC_5087 athenaeumwedding13 athenaeumwedding14 athenaeumwedding12 athenaeumwedding15 DSC_5077 DSC_5184 DSC_5248 DSC_5020 DSC_5223-Edit DSC_5047 athenaeumwedding7 DSC_5131 DSC_5011 athenaeumwedding8 DSC_5302

Some behind the scenes shots! :)

DSC_5039 DSC_5225 DSC_5232

© Desjar Photography 2014| Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Richmond VA, Boston MA, and Destinations Worldwide

A HUGE thank you to:

The models, of course ;)

The Speakers: Katelyn James/ Rachel Brenke/ Rachael Boer/ Ananda Hedgepeth/ Katie Durski/ Kaitlin Holland/ Tyler Corvin/ Kelly Martin

The Vendors:

Styling: Kaitlin Holland Creative
Paper Details: Alexa Leigh Design
Hair: Hair by Giselle, LLC
Makeup: Faces By Liz 
Bridesmaids Dresses: Raleigh Bella Bridesmaids
Cake: Maxie B’s 
Vintage Rentals: Simply Put Vintage
Rentals + Linens: DC Rentals

Published | Capitol Romance | The Alternative Bride Styled Shoot | RVA Wedding Photographer

Last week was craziness with moving, turning 31, and preparing for our upcoming trip to MA for TWO Weddings YAY! In the midst of it all, our styled shoot was featured on one of my favorite blogs Capitol Romance.  This was pretty much my first time trying to get together a styled shoot and my vision was two gorgeous girls, with tattoos, amazing headpieces and not the ‘typical’ Wedding Dresses.   Thanks to Urban Set Bride, Helena Noelle Couture, some local RVA dwellings, and these two amazing real women, my vision came to life! Katie (the blonde), is a MAC makeup artist in VA Beach and triathlete (I want her drive, such an inspiration!), her friend Abby is a stay at home mom with a newborn (umm, how amazing is her body after JUST having a baby a few months ago?!) and her husband is currently serving in Iraq.  They emulate exactly what I was looking for; uniqueness, confidence, and a real woman’s body, we had such a blast and their own personalities truly did shine through during the shoot, just 30 minutes after I met them for the first time! More styled shoots to come, I can’t wait!! Happy Friday Everyone!


© Desjar Photography 2014 | Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Richmond VA, Boston MA, and Destinations Worldwide


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